NALA春季大會「Byvrimmel - Swarming in the City」

挪威景觀設計師協會(the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects)將於105年4月15日舉辦春季大會「Byvrimmel - Swarming in the City」

Dear friends of IFLA,

It is my pleasure to announce that the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects is organising spring-conference «Byvrimmel» - (i.e. "Swarming in the City»)

The Conference will take place April 15 in Clarion Hotel & Congress, Brattørkaia 1, Trondheim, Norway. The aim of the Conference is to review life in the city, from the brain-researchers presentation on how we orientate ourselves, to the architects’ recipe on sustainable living.

Please find attached the program of the Conference.

For more information on the Conference, please visit